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Nine Noble Conducts in NNI

Explanation, Debate and Composition

The Khenpos and Lopons of this Institute, keep on teaching the Sutra and Tantra course prescribed. Likewise, all the Kyorpon repeats the same lesson taught in the morning.  During free hours, senior students take an extra class for those interested students on various subjects related to the prescribed and beyond like English, Chinese, Hindi, etc. Students also have explanations on various topic related to sutra and tantra during special occasions such as anniversary of Longchen Rabjam, Mipham Rinpoche, and so on. In these ways, the explanations on nine yanas are carried out productively. 

Omniscient Mipham Chogley Namgyel pointed out that: "Depreciating and giving least importance to reasoning and valid cognition to examine in doctrinal studies, is a secret word of Devil, which hinders to acquire and taste the essence of Dharma".Thus said, Buddha's teachings was analysed by three types of scrutiny and taught to the beings out of enormous compassion.

Therefore, since the institute’s inception, students have diligently engaged in debate during the prescribed debate periods.  While debating, their bodily gestures are designed to arouse faith and devotion among spectators; their speech is clear and lucid; and their understanding vast and profound. They can rationally oppose wrong views, establish their own viewpoint and eliminate all misunderstandings on the critical points of the scriptures. Moreover, on passing of every single month, and during the summer retreat, senior and junior classes involve in debate competition. Thus, the debate has become popular in the world and it's progressing rapidly.  

Besides, the knowledge of composition is also crucial in order to appear for the institute’s annual and monthly exams, since they are all written tests. Senior students, particularlykyorpon, must make composition presentations on a wide range of Buddhist philosophical topics, during the Yarney Seminar.  The khenpos, lopons and other outstanding students compose commentaries on various religious texts and also make critical analysis on specific subjects. Gradually, after the establishment of the institute’s editorial committee, as per the aspiration of H.H Pema Norbu Rinpoche, many books on various subjects have been written and published. They also write poetic compositions, highlighting to the biography of great masters, and the like. Many books, from common traditional knowledge of poetry to the highest tantra teachings, have been written with different intellectual capacities in mind.  Hence, more than fifty different texts including sutra and tantra have been edited and made publicity so far. Therefore, the eminent scholars have critically acclaimed some of these works and thus they are benefiting dharma students of the present day.


Erudite, Noble and Excellent

The NNI came into existence as an answer to the wish and prophesy made by the former great beings. The selfless hardship and tireless exertion taken by H.H. Pema Norbu Rinpoche, other Khenpos, Tulkus and Lopons are to perpetuate and nurture the Tradition of study and practice on the unique Nyingmapa Philosophy of Do-Ju-Sem and other Sutras and Tantras. The numbers of monk became erudite in Buddhist Philosophy, and they are shouldering responsibility to enhance and uphold the Buddhist view in general and of the Nyingma in particular.

Especially, during one of Druba session in 1962, H.H. Pema Norbu Rinpoche embossed a syllable of Manjushree 'Om-Aa-Ra-Pa-Tsa-Na-Dhi' on the conch shell by his tongue. Ngoshoel Khenpo after knowing this claimed it as a sign of appearing many scholars from this Monastery. So the prophesy was proved.

As the Institute is a centre of the vinaya holders, the monks are fully engaged in the practice of three precepts. The novice monks and fully ordained monks exceed 1000. His Holiness Pema Norbu Rinpoche had also given prime priority to vinaya rules and studies, and keeps stressing on them. So, by bearing this in mind, every monk values the observance of vinaya precepts akin to their own soul.

The relations amongst monks are very strong with mutual understandings; the juniors respect seniors and the seniors counsel and guide juniors. Likewise, they have shown outstanding result in the field of learning, debating, composing, practising, meditating and other pious activities. They are well civilized with high level of philosophical ideas. Pure sincerity and altruistic attitudes are the characteristics found in them. So, the nine year course in the Institute under the guidance of H.H. Pema Norbu Rinpoche and other masters brought about great alteration in the sense of students, like improvement in the knowledge of novice choice; cultivating wholesome and avoiding unwholesome actions. Analogous to the waxing moon, the Institute has produced well erudite, noble and excellent scholars.


Teaching, Practice and Action

After completing the nine year course, with great care and advice from late His Holiness Pema Norbu Rinpoche, the graduates are being sent to other Buddhist study centres, such as in India, Nepal, and Bhutan, and Dharma centres on the global, as per their requisition for teachings. 

The students, every year, conduct Drubchen and Drubchod, and other related great rites. Even in winter vacation the practice on Ngon-Tsa-Dzog Sum from treasure discoverer Mingyur Dorje's Buddha in the Palm, are being practised for a month according to ones’ interest. Basically, practice on four immeasurable thoughts (Compassion, Love, Joy and Equanimity) − which turn the mind towards the dharma, recitation mantra of deities, taking refuge and arousing bodhichitta, and basic meditations are regularly practised.  

Some students after completing the course reside in the retreat centre. There, they undergo various meritorious activities reciting limit number of accumulations accordingly to the reliable and vital instructions given by great masters of past and present for three long years. Starting with the prior of preliminary practice, they gradually complete the meditation practice up to the stage of Dzogpachenpo.

Furthermore,students and staff of the Institute also put an effort to keep surrounding clean and eye-catching; Varieties of plants are planted to protect environment, and sanitation is preserved in and around the temple to maintain healthy life. Cleaning the surrounding is made regularly. Whatever is infectious for health are prevented.

Over and all, bearing the pure and beneficial intention in mind to save environment and human beings, the surroundings around are kept clean, and the dedication prayers are made whenever disasters of flood, earthquake, landslide, etc. occur.  In brief, whatever capacity we the followers of His Holiness Pema Norbu Rinpoche have is done only for the benefit of the beings, and benedictions for the peace in universe.