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Livelihood in YWSR Jr. High School

Time Table of Yeshe Wodsal Sherab Raldriling Jr. High School



5am - 5.15am

Rise and shine

5.15am - 6am



Breakfast break

7am - 9am

1st Period: Morning Prayers above Class 4

Reading Practice below Class 3

9am - 9:30am

Tea Break

9:30am - 11am

2nd Period: Reading Practice

11am - 1pm

Lunch Break

1pm - 3pm

3rd Period: Handwriting Practice above Class 4

Handwriting Practice and Textbook below Class 3

3pm - 3:30pm

Tea Break

3:30pm - 5pm

4th Period: English Class below Class 3. Reading Practice for Class 4 & 5

Self-study before mid-term and Debate Practice the second-mid above class 6,7 & 8

5pm - 7pm

Supper time

7pm - 9pm

5th Period: Tibetan Class till 8pm and then English/Ritual Activities above Class 4

Reading Practice below Class 3

9pm - 10:30pm

Tea Break




Bed time

Sat & Sun

Saturday 11am to Sunday 7pm holiday