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Brief History of Yeshi Wodsal Sherab Raldriling

In 1962, His Holiness established the Yeshe Wodsal Sherab Raldriling Jr. High School. During that time there were only few monk students, and His Holiness personally bore the responsibility tirelessly in teaching and guiding them with immeasurable sympathy like parents to their children. Some years later, His Holiness was assisted by Choethruk Lama, Lama Ugyen Dorji, Khenpo Khedrub, Khenchen Pema Sherab, Khenchen Tsewang Gyatso, Gen Samten Phuntshok, Gen Tashi Choephel, Khenpo Ngudrub Zangpo, and then after, the board of Council has been formed and is continually taking the responsibility of administrating the school successfully as per the intention of His Holiness. The great contribution of hard works and efforts sacrificed by senior masters made possible the school to stand strongly and independently. The school is running smoothly with decent administration of teachers, care taker for sick, in charge for hygiene and cleanliness, inspector for students' conditions and situations, etc. The margin of education and number of students has grown year by year. More than 4000 students are registered. They come from India, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, and foreign countries. Students are provided everything, including nursing aids, free of cost by His Holiness. The subjects and classes are adopted step by step later. Likewise, the specific rules and regulations of monastic school were also initiated. The regulations and promoting of class are acted in accordance to the procedure of modern education center by conducting monthly test and the annual examination. In 2004, His Holiness gave the school the name 'Yeshe Wodsal Sherab Raldriling'. The next step after completing Class 8 of the school is to practise Preliminary Practice (Bum Nga), and then enter the Institute for further Buddhist Philosophy course. The school is administrated by its Board of Council with more than 100 teachers. About 60 teachers are appointed by NNI Board of Council yearly, and the additions are appointed by the Board of council of the school to hold the liability of teachings and administration efficiently. The students are even conducted test on Tibetan Language and Letter thrice a year. The students are given lectures by senior masters of the monastery every month to motivate and encourage them to learn well and become a good human being.