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His Holiness Chogtrul Thubzang Rinpoche

In 1936, the Fire Male Rat Year of Sixteenth Rabjung, His Holiness Chogtrul Thupzang Rinpoche was born in the family heritage of the 2nd Drubwang Rinpoche to the father Dungsey Tshewang Rinchen and mother Pey Choe. His birth was accompanied with many miraculous signs.

Few days after birth, His Holiness was taken to his grandfather Terton Pelden Lodroe, and was named Tsulthrim Palden. His Holiness was recognized by Khenpo Ngaga as a true reincarnation of Konchog Tenpai Gyeltshen at the age of five and was given refuge precepts and life empowerment. Later on he was invited to Payul Monastery to mark his specific superiority; during that he was welcomed by local deity Sangyag Dorji Gyeltshen in the form of white man riding on a white horse, and the deity Palzom Dorji Draduel on the way.

In 1942, His Holiness was enthroned along with Latrul Yangse Rinpoche, Dzongnang Rinpoche and NeZhi Tulku during enthronement ceremony of H.H. 3rd Drubwang Rinpoche. The elaborate ceremony was presided over by H.H. Karma Thekchog Nyingpo, whereas, H.H. Chogtrul Jigme Thupten Choeki Dawa Rinpoche as Dorji Lopen.

Since childhood His Holiness had learned all common and extraordinary teachings from various great masters of unbroken lineage and became mastered in all. He especially has extraordinary faith in Lama Lungtrul Rinpoche. From him he received all empowerments and oral transmissions of Longchen Nyingthig. He also learned zodiacal astrology, ritual consecration, sacred medicine, conducting of wrathful and peaceful rituals, and many more from authentic masters.

Moreover, he received instructions on Lo Jong (mind-training), Kyed-Dzog (generation and completion phases), ThrekChoed (cutting through all attachment) and Thoed Gyel (All-surpassing realization of spontaneous presence), and became fully ordained from Lama Lungtok Rinpoche. Hence, he became the vajra-holder with the three vows.
In 1957, when Tibet was deprived of good fortune, His Holiness Pema Norbu Rinpoche left for India as prophesised by deities along with handful of disciples. On that knotty moment, His Holiness 3rd Karma Kuchen Rinpoche who was the Throne Holder of Palyul Monastery also entered Mahaparinirvana and Khang-Nang Tulku was quite small to shoulder the responsibilities. All in all, only 50 aged monks could be seen in the monastery out of about 500 monks. Most of the monasteries were destroyed and the Palyul Monastery as well was in full ruin. Later the new government permitted to re-establish a few monasteries. Thus, in 1982 His Holiness Thupzang Rinpoche came to Palyul Monastery and rebuilt the temples that were damaged and shouldered all responsibilities of the monastery. In brief, he is the indispensible revivalist who revived the Payul tradition after its massive deterioration.

His Holiness after having been relying on many sublime authentic masters, became learned in every sutra and tantra text, and expounds to his disciples diligently. For the benefit of the sentient beings, he bestows empowerments and oral transmissions tirelessly. His activities are free from stains of partiality, like a vast ocean of enlightened conduct, for the sole benefit of doctrine and sentient beings. It's indeed beyond our imagination. Presently, he presides over the Palyul monastery in Tibet benefiting countless number of sentient beings.