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His Holiness Chogtrul Thubzang Rinpoche

In 1936, His Holiness Chogtrul Thupzang Rinpoche was born in the family heritage of the 2nd Drubwang Rinpoche to the father Dungsey Tshewang Rinchen and mother Pey Choe. 

He was recognized by Khenpo Ngaga as a true reincarnation of Gyangkhang Tulku, and was given refuge precepts, while the hair cutting ceremony was also competed. He learnt reading and writing from Jangta Lama Tse-Bum. Later, he was enthroned by Chogtrul Choekyi Dawa Rinpoche and Kuchen Karma Thegchog Nyingpo Rinpoche. From Chongtrul Rinpoche he received the ordination vow and Rinchen Terzoed empowerments, whereas the oral transmission of Rinchen Terzoed was received from Khenpo Lodoe. 

He learned and became mastered in the ritual arts of Palyul tradition from Lama Wangden, Lama Tsering, Nyenmo Lama Jamyang, etc. and later flourished and guided all the palyul monasteries in Tibet and India. 

At the age of 13, he learned the Root Dance of the Peaceful and Wrathful Deities of Magical Net and accumulated hundred thousand times of RULU mantra recitation. About six years he led the Root Dance as a leader. 

He received various empowerments, oral transmissions and instructions of Kama and Terma from Karma Kuchen Thekchog Nyingpo, Khenpo Lekshed Jorden, H.H. the 3rd Drubwang Rinpoche, Ajom Gyelse Jurmed Dorji, etc. From, Khenpo Nueden, Khenpo Gondrub, Haja Khenpo Sonam Dondep, Horshul Khenpo Pema Jigme, Mugsang Tsering Lama, etc. he learned all common and extraordinary teachings on the sutra and tantra. 

He went for pilgrimages together with H.H. Drubwang Rinpoche at the age of 20. He used to stay in retreat to do recitations from time to time. 

He especially has extraordinary faith in Lama Lungtok Chogtrul Rinpoche Loday Shedrub Tenpai Nima. From him he received the ordination vow, and various empowerments and oral transmissions of the Longchen Nyingthig like Nyingthig Yabzhi, and so forth. 

In 1982, His Holiness Thupzang Rinpoche came to Palyul Monastery and rebuilt the temples that were damaged and shouldered all responsibilities of the monastery. For the sake of the Buddha-dharma and all sentient beings, he built the xylography on Kama texts, which took many years to complete. After the re-establishment and renovation, the shedra was started. The dormitories and classrooms were built, and the fence of the retreat center was was constructed. 

His Holiness has great contribution in reviving the Buddha-dharma from such critical point by vastly bestowing the empowerments and transmission on Kama and Terma at Namdroling Monastery and at many other Palyul monasteries. Through which the linage of ripening and liberation was revived. Again, for the sake of Buddha-dharma and sentient beings, he built 255,978 scriptures. On the 10th January, 2021, corresponding with the 27th of eleventh Tibetan month, His Holiness passed into mahaparinirvana.