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Dratsang (Monastery)


His Holiness Pema Norbu Rinpoche established Dratsang in 1963 to perpetuate and enhance the unique ritual activities of Palyul tradition. Yearly in the first Tibetan month, the Maha-Sadhana of Rigzin Duepa (Gathering of the Vidyadharas), Palchen Duepa (Assemble of Great Glorious One), Ratling Tsedrup (Longevity Sadhana of Ratnalingpa), Thugdrup Yangnying Duepa (terma on the Nirmanakaya Aspect of Padmasambhava by Ratna Lingpa), Thugchen Sangwa Duepa (Assemble of Secret Exalted Mind) are conducted and the ritual dance introduced by great treasure discoverer Guru Choewang are also performed.

On the Fourth Tibetan Month, the sadhana rituals on Kama teachings are carried out in many groups along with performance of Peaceful and Wrathful Ritual Dances. During this occasion the great scroll painting (Thanka) of Lord Buddha, Guru Padmasambhava and Lord Amitayus measuring 180ft are displayed to devotees.

Corresponding to the summer retreat, beginning from 15 th of Sixth Tibetan Month, the monks of Dratsang carry out ritual activities such as Nyingthig Solka, Namchoe Solka, Karling Zhitro, Thugdrup Yang-nying Duepa, Gur-drag Melung Khelwa and Ratling Phurpa for one week each. At the end of every year, Ratling Phurpa, Kagyed Sangdzog, Matig SengDong, Gur-drag Melung Khelwa and other exorcist rites and dances are conducted. To bring peace and harmony in the universe and particularly to eradicate the obstacles of the Dharma holders, a minimum of 25 monks continuously conduct Vajra Kilaya rite in Kilaya Temple every day. Similarly, the two lamas constantly perform invocation prayers in two dharma protectors' chapel of Namchoe and Nyingthig. The time for devotees and practitioners to meditate and practise the Ngon-Tsa- Dzog Sum, a month long practice, begins from 18 th of the First Tibetan Month. In previous years, His Holiness Pema Norbu Rinpoche used to give instructions and teachings personally. And now, it is being instructed by two Chogtruls and three Khenchens.

Especially, prior to study and practice, the Bum-Nga (the Five Hundred Thousand Accumulations of the Preliminary Practice) accumulation is imperative to eradicate the obscuration and purify ones mental state. That is why the six months long Bum-Nga accumulation begins from Fourth Tibetan Month every year. There are over 100 devotees undergoing the Bum-Nga accumulation yearly.