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Editorial Committee

The Editorial Committee was established by His Holiness in 1991. Their work is to produce magazines, souvenir journals, biographies of great masters, and so on. With grand target to promote the Tibetan orthography and literary work by His Holiness and three Khenchens, the Biannual Tibetan Magazine, Padmai Rangdang, was first made publicity on 25/10/2002.  Other than that is Palyul Times, Annual English Magazine, followers of Buddhism worldwide to extend their understanding on Buddhist view.


For the development of the students’ education, the library has a complete collection of Kangyur, Tengyur, and the works of masters and scholars of other schools. The library also contains the teachings of many scholars on cassette and cd. A khenpo or lopon appointed by the board of directors takes care of the library.  He has a staff from among the students to assist in this work.  Their main task is to lend books included in the syllabus as well as reference texts on these books to students before classes begin and to collect these books at the end of the session. They also collect rare texts and make catalogues.

Computer Division

A khenpo or lopon is appointed by the board of directors to supervise the computer division. Many students work under him making pechas (Tibetan religious texts). First they input the text, then check and edit, and finally make the actual pechas. Whatever computers are needed for the work is available in the computer lab. So far the entire nine-year course as well as a few rare texts have been input into the computer and have been edited. A few texts have already been published. Additionally, this division publishes pocket calendars of institute annually.