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6th Gyurmed Ngedon Tanzin

Karma Gyurme Ngedon Tenzin was born in the year 1794. He received the entire teachings of Palyul lineage including the empowerments, oral transmissions and pith instructions from Khedrup Karma Lhawang, along with the blessings, like filling a vase up to its brim. He had strictly observed the precepts of vinaya after he was fully ordained by Situ Pema Nyinjed Wangpo. After ripening the effects of the practice of the Luminous Great Perfection, he became a great yogi of the “The Great Perfection of the Self-Appearance Without Distinctions”. He saw Guru Orgyen Tsokye Dorje in his vision prophesying that he should start the accomplishment practice of making sacred medicine on each successive Sheep Year. Accordingly, he started the practice. In 1850 he established new Darthang Dhongag Shedrub Chökhor Dhargye Ling monastery. Henceforth, his enlightened activities flourished extensively. Finally, at the age of 58, in the year 1851, he temporarily dissolved his bodily form into the expanse of dharmadhatu.